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Passionate and professional staff

Whole child approach to learning

Social-Emotional Curriculum

Engaging learning environments

Individualized instruction

Financial-Aid available

Master’s level educators 

Low child-to-teacher ratio

Research-Based Curriculum

State-of-the-art facility

Kindergarten readiness

Community & family involvement 


Traditional daycare or preschool does not allow or accommodate children like my son. The Rise School embraces children of all needs and allows parents to feel confident that their child is getting the best education, care, and services possible. I am thankful for Rise because I can go to work each day knowing that my child has the best care possible with the highest standards of excellence.

-Jenkins Family


In just a year I have seen my child's confidence and development grow beyond anything I expected. His relationships with his teachers and classmates continue to grow every day. This has also helped him extend his social activity with others outside of the classroom.

-Ruben Bonilla

The Rise School has helped my two sons develop their speech and vocabulary. My oldest speaks in clear sentences. I always get compliments on how well his speech and vocabulary are. This worried mama thought they both had a speech delay turns out they just needed to be in the right environment with kids their age to encourage them to learn and grow. The speech therapy there is amazing. Within the first week my youngest son started trying to say more words. My husband and I are thrilled when he says a word we can actually understand. I love that the teachers get so excited when my youngest starts saying a new word.

- Melanie Carrasco 

The Rise School is unequivocally one of the biggest blessings in our lives. Roane has prospered and made strides in his development thanks to the tireless dedication of the team of teachers, therapists and staff at the Rise. This school is absolutely essential and critical in his development. We feel indebted to the Rise School for the opportunities they have given Roane that he would otherwise not have, as there are no other special needs programs like Rise in Corpus. What a blessing that this inclusive school is in our own backyard. I rue the day we have to leave Rise, but I pray that they are able to continue to offer these special services to other special children like our Roane. Our gratitude is immeasurable!

-Lisa Riddick-Herring

The Rise School is the only all - inclusive school of its kind in our community. The school has given parents and children in this community hope for a better education system. The school continues to educate the community about the importance and benefits of creating an all inclusive environment. 

- Sonia Ortega

The Rise school has given Clinton much confidence! Clinton has tripled his vocabulary since the start of the school year. We stay with The Rise school because we are seeing tremendous progress with our CAS child. The staff, teachers, students, and parents are very close and supportive of one another, it’s like a big family! The best part of The Rise school is the inclusion. Every student who walks through the door is treated equally, no one is different. It’s a very welcoming and safe environment.

- Jessica Quinones

We chose Rise so our son can be in an inclusive learning environment with his peers learning how to "model up" in behavior.  Also, to receive high quality therapy from the Driscoll Therapists.  Rise supports his needs and the needs of our family with excellence and integrity.  

--Jan George 

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