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The Rise School of Corpus Christi uses Learning Without Tears which is a comprehensive, researched based program that integrates instruction across developmental domains and early learning disciplines. 

Parts of the curriculum include:

  • Language Development

  • Language Rich Classroom Environment 

  • Opportunities to sing, read, and talk

  • Skill development in phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, print awareness, vocabulary and comprehension

  • Social Emotional Development

  • Trust and Relationship Building

  • Forming Healthy Attachments

  • Developing Impulse Control

  • Enhancing Social Interactions

  • Cognitive Development

  • Understanding cause-and-effect

  • Thinking critically and creatively to solve child-sized problems

  • Skill development in classification, patterns, one-to-one correspondence, order and sequence, and numeration

  • Physical Development 

  • Fine motor and gross motor skill development

  • Balance, coordination, and control approaches to learning

  • Curiosity, persistence, attention, and communication are woven in and throughout all domains

Rise also uses Zoo Phonics,  and Read and Learn to support literacy objectives. Therapists use a various assessment instruments to evaluate children’s learning and development.

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