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Program operation follows an annual Rise School Calendar. The classes operate from 8:00 AM until 2:30 P.M., Monday through Friday. 

Rise Extended Care services are available from 7:45-5:20pm while school is in session.This service is available only to families enrolled in the Rise School. The Rise Extended Care (2:30-5:20pm) does not follow the same curriculum criterion as The Rise School. The program does provides a safe and healthy learning environment for children.

The Rise School employs a year-round schedule that is aligned as closely as possible with the schedule of our local school systems. Breaks include one week in the Spring, two weeks in May/June, three weeks in July, one week at Thanksgiving and two-three weeks in December/January.

Each classroom has a lead teacher who has a Masters degree, or is working towards one, and two instructional teacher assistants.

The Rise School of Corpus Christi is a Texas Rising Star Facility and has a high standard for professional growth and ongoing evaluation.

During the typical school day, the routine schedule for children activities includes individual instruction, large and small group instruction, gross motor activities indoors or outdoors, therapeutic services, lunch and rest.

Rise offers a number of services to children that may include occupational, physical, speech and music therapies using a collaborative/consultation service delivery model. Services are delivered through an integrated therapy approach in which the therapeutic activities are provided routinely by the teachers and instructional teacher assistants with ongoing input from the therapists. The therapeutic activities are integrated into the daily routine of each classroom. The therapists monitor the activities on a regular basis.

Based on individual children’s needs, some children may be referred for supplemental direct therapies available in the community. Therapists confer with parents and teachers to discuss classroom recommendations and make referrals for additional therapy services.


We boast a state-of-the-art facility equipped with educational technology and wealth of teaching and learning resources.

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